October 1, 2 – 2015,
Ordizia – Donostia/San Sebastian (SPAIN)

The 4th international Conference on scientific and
technical advances on friction stir welding & processing.


The 4th International Conference on Friction Stir Welding and Processing (FSWP’2015) has provided an excellent intercommunication opportunity for researchers working in this multidisciplinary field of scientific endeavor. This conference brought together researchers, practitioners and new comers to the field in an international forum that addresses recent advances in friction stir welding and related processes. It has also served as vehicle that strengthens relationships between industry, research laboratories, and universities.

The purpose of this conference has been to facilitate the communication between specialists in various fields of friction stir welding processes. There were presentations concerning all the steps: from fundamental studies to applied aspects, from experimental to numerical research.


Since its invention in 1991 in the British research and technology centre The Welding Institute (TWI), Friction Stir Welding (FSW) has been one of the most active research and development technology within the wide range of welding technologies. As a result of this research activity many applications have been introduced mainly in the manufacturing of lightweight structures for transport applications, although many other industrial applications have been developed. In spite of the intensive research and development activities carried out in the last 2 decades, FSW and related processes are still a very active research field mainly due to the advantage of taking place in the solid state which allows them to be applied to materials difficult to join (aluminum alloys, composites, dissimilar joints, etc...) or to treat with the usual techniques.

The current context of FSW technology presents very stimulating incentives in the near future for new technology users including the development of the ISO25239 standard for FSW of aluminum alloys, the expiration of the patent or the development of new flexible manufacturing facilities such as robotic systems. These aspects are expected to foster the industrial use of FSW technology and it is very important to be at the forefront of technology knowledge in order to adopt the technology successfully.

This event has been an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge about different aspects of FSW technology as well as to hold interesting discussions with technology experts. Presentations concerning all aspects of FSW and processing had been shared, including fundamental studies, experimental testing, numerical modeling or application developments.
The 4th conference aimed to present the state of the art together with the latest advances of FS:
  • High temperature alloys
  • Dissimilar joining
  • Relationships between microstructure, mechanical and functional properties
  • Modeling and numerical simulation
  • Process development and control
  • Tool technology development
  • Robotic FSW development
  • Applications


The 4th International Conference on Friction Stir Welding and Processing (FSWP’2015) has been organized by IK4 LORTEK in the city of Ordizia (Spain).
Technical sessions had been held at IK4 LORTEK facilities and a gala dinner was arranged for the delegates at held at the Kursaal Congress Center in Donostia/ San Sebastián.