PUBLIC GEP 2020-2023

At LORTEK S. COOP. we have made an explicit commitment to equality between women and men with our first Equality plan (2020-2023) , following the guidelines set out in the legislation: Organic Law 3/2007, for the effective equality of women and men, and Law 4/2005, for the equality of women and men in the Basque Autonomous Community. In this way, we contribute to the (2020-2025) Gender Equality Strategy set by the European Commission and to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular objective 5 “Achieve equality between genders and empower all women and children. Likewise, we have taken into account the provisions of the VII Plan for the equality of women and men in the Basque Autonomous Community: Emakunde-Basque Women’s Institute. To this end, we share our commitment both from the Management and from the rest of the Organisation in the following axes: • L eadership and Strategies for Equality . • E quality in People Management . • R esponsibility and Impact on Society . Lines of action in which projects and actions are implemented in the following areas: • Assurance of dedicated resources. • Collection and monitoring of data disaggregated by sex and gender, and generation of annual reports based on these indicators. • Awareness-raising and training on gender equality. • Specific objectives and measures: scheduled and led by specific managers and working groups depending on the focus or areas. • Reconciliation and co-responsibility. • People management (actively ensuring equality criteria), and attracting talent. • Equal pay, promotion (career progression) and balance of women and men in positions of responsibility and decision-making. • Measures to prevent sexual harassment and gender-based harassment. • Integration of the gender dimension in research and teaching content. As a Technology Centre, we integrate the gender dimension into all the areas we work on associated with research and innovation, and in all kinds of training activities. We face the implementation of this Equality plan (2020-2023) in LORTEK S. COOP. with a firm commitment to strengthen an egalitarian internal structure, as well as in parallel, to be a driving force in the field of equality also towards the outside, contributing to move forward towards a society in which equality is real and effective. In Ordizia, on 1 january 2022 Signed Jaione Ganzarain Epelde General Manager COMMITMENT TO EQUALITY PUBLIC GEP 2020-2023