01 GENERAL MEASURES SPECIFIC GOAL 2 Actions: Internal and external dissemination of the II Equality Plan and implementation of the planned actions. 2.1. Create the necessary documents and support systems to publicise the objectives, measures and development of the II Equality Plan internally, guaranteeing that all staff have access to it and are aware of it. 2.2. Create the appropriate support systems and establish the appropriate mechanisms for the dissemination and knowledge of the II Equality Plan to all agents and stakeholders (suppliers, customers, public bodies, etc.). 2.3. Introduce the general lines of the II Equality Plan into the documentation or support used for welcoming staff and, if there is none, create a document or support where the general lines of the II Equality Plan making the entity’s commitment to equal treatment and opportunities for women and men known. • Document created and channels used to publicise and disseminate the II Equality Plan for all the LORTEK S.COOP. staff. • N° of documents aimed at agents and stakeholders in which LORTEK S.COOP expresses its commitment to equality. • Introduction of the II Equality Plan in the LORTEK S.COOP. Welcome Manual. Indicators: II. EQUALITY PLAN Execution date: Person(s) responsible: Management - Equality Committee Resources: Working hours Planned dates: 2.1.-2024 2.2.-2024 2.3.-2024