European projects put at the forefront research capabilities of LORTEK in advanced manufacturing and its digitalisation. New technologies are developed to be transferred and implemented in industry to strengthen European industrial competitiveness.


An innovative high strength Al alloy will be developed, which is feasible by powder metallurgy and suitable for Selective Laser Melting (SLM). The new material will have improved weldability and increased mechanical and corrosion resistance as compared to cast grades Al alloys, which are currently used in additive manufacturing (AM).

Call: H2020-CS2-CFP04-2016-02
Coordinated by Lortek


An innovative design and manufacturing of titanium flow control actuators by additive manufacturing with aerodynamic performance and resistance to harsh environments will be developed.

Call: H2020-CS2-CFP06-2017-01
Coordinated by Lortek


The project will develop i) a suitable forming process for the real-scale manufacturing of leading edge Hybrid Laminar Flow Control (HLFC) wing outer skins and ii) supporting simulation tools to minimize initial process development costs of large structures meeting requested quality criteria and dimensional tolerances.

Call: H2020-CS2-CFP10-2019-01
Coordinated by Lortek


Optimisation of heat exchangers\\\\\\\' design process is proposed in an eco-friendly way after knowing the limits of the metal additive manufacturing technology, specifically SLM process.

Call: H2020-CS2-CFP09-2018-02
Coordinated by Lortek


The project addresses the full digital transformation of the process industry and cognitive process production plants through an innovative Industrial Cyber-Physical System (ICPS) that will enable the development of a hyper-connected network of digital nodes.

Call: H2020-NMBP-SPIRE-2019
Coordinated by Lortek


The aim of the project is the development of innovative ECO-friendly airframe TECHnologies from design to manufacturing to improve aircraft life cycle environmental footprint.

Call: H2020-IBA-CS2-GAMS-2019


The project aims at improving the weldability of high temperature capable superalloys manufactured by investment casting and the quality of their resulting structural welds, to contribute to the extended use of nickel superalloys castings in welded aircraft engine structures.

Call: H2020-CS2-CFP04-2016-02


The project focuses on the development of advanced materials and equipment for metal additive manufacturing of multi-material parts that will provide performance and efficiency gain through integrated multi-functionality.

Call: H2020-NMBP-TR-IND-2019


The project tackles the current European need of developing an effective system to identify and anticipate the right skills for the Additive Manufacturing (AM) sector demands in response to the increasing labour market needs, thus, contributing for the smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of the AM sector.

Call: ERASMUS + EAC/A05/2017


The goal of the project is to accelerate the performance of renewable energies through the validation and demonstration of aerospace technologies for operation and maintenance activities in wind and solar energy systems to reduce costs and increase production.

Call: Interreg Atlantic


DALI aims at validating a virtual testing approach, so that design and test loop can be shortened and tests can be partly replaced, applied on the development of future generation of compact heat exchangers for the engine innovative bleed system with higher requirements and thus damage probability.

Call: H2020-CS2-CFP08-2018-01


The goal of the project is to enable the uptake of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies by SMEs/mid-caps leading to the development of innovative business and service models and new value-chain models in a fully digital environment.

Call: H2020-FOF-2017

PERFORM (education)

The project plans to develop a demonstrator along with technical content, to train students and upskill industry professionals, in both metal additive manufacturing and relevant cyber physical technologies.

Call: EIT Manufacturing

REDAMP (innovation)

The project aims at adapting advanced on line monitoring and NDT techniques for early defects detection, associated to AI techniques, on DED techniques (large-scale metal AM technologies) that will allow immediate repair during the manufacturing process.

Call: EIT Manufacturing

DIGIQUAM (innovation)

The project will provide a digital tool for quality assuring each and single unique manufactured part via additive manufacturing.

Call: EIT Manufacturing

Miriam García, PhD.

European Projects Manager.

PhD in Chemistry (UPV-EHU) and Master in “Expert in Business and Technology Management” by Deusto Business School. Doctorate extraordinary prize granted by UPV-EHU. Since 2018 she is the European Project Manager at LORTEK where she boosts the participation and coordination of projects in advanced manufacturing and digitalization. She has worked for 15 years in TECNALIA as senior researcher and market manager in materials, where she has coordinated and participated in more than 30 research projects. Likewise, she has 22 publications (16 in scientific journals), 1 patent and given several conferences.