FLASH-COMP european project kick off meeting


FLASH-COMP project has just been launched! 14 partners of all over Europe met last week during the Kick-off meeting in Ordizia (Spain). The project, coordinated by LORTEK, aims at developing a fast and reliable human-oriented quality control solution to identify defectiveness during composites manufacturing and take in-situ corrective actions towards zero-defects and zero-waste. 42 exciting months ahead of us!

The reduction of manufacturing waste is a key challenge to achieve a European transition towards climate neutrality and the goals of the Green Deal. In this context, to achieve the zero-defect manufacturing paradigm has becomes a must for those European productive companies that wants to take the step towards sustainable production.

Composites play an important role in strategic European manufacturing sectors like energy, aerospace, naval or automotive, with a growing forecast. So, FLASH-COMP project will develop a human-oriented solution, capable of identifying in an early-manner feasible defectiveness in composite parts manufacturing and to determine if corrective actions should be adopted. All with the ultimate goal of optimizing the composite manufacturing process, reaching zero-defects and consequently, reducing the generation of waste process and product associated.

FLASH-COMP will develop non-destructive inspection and monitoring instruments o retrieve key process parameters. Will develop an on-line defect Severity Estimation Tool that will predict the appearance of defects and will estimate their severity to suggest the optimum Feedback and Feedforward control strategies. And will develop a decision support system. In addition, an interoperable software platform for data-sharing will be created.

The full FLASH-COMP solution will be demonstrated in a test bed, enabling the experimental validation of the FLASH-COMP concept, and 2 industrial use cases, assuring its future replicability, and paving the way for a future exploitation of results. FLASH-COMP will include a complete skills development training program since the FLASH-COMP solution has been conceived to assist the operator in controlling and making decisions about the manufacturing process. Finally, the project will deal with the development of a standardization roadmap, to ensure the widest possible impact of project results.