Smart manufacturing based on the knowledge of processes

Technological areas

At Lortek we generate an excellent knowledge of Manufacturing Processes and their digitization. We are specialized in joining technologies and metal additive manufacturing. We work to achieve technological development in industry, we transfer knowledge to the industrial fabric, and thus, we improve competitiveness and sustainability.

Joining technologies

Joining technologies

Joining technologies are essential to manufacture many components and structures, varying from high responsibility parts to simpler products, as they directly affect their quality, durability, aspect, and manufacturing costs.

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Metal additive manufacturing

Metal additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is a concept that covers many technologies, based on the simple idea of converting a digital model into a solid three-dimensional object.

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Non-destructive digital inspection

Non-destructive digital inspection

We have developed a series of data-driven technologies to take product inspection to a new level, affording different non-destructive inspection solutions for sectors that have high quality demands due to their high safety commitment, in sectors such as Automobile, Capital Goods, Aeronautics, oil & gas, etc.

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Digital intelligence in processes

Digital intelligence in processes

Our intelligent manufacturing is based on combining digital enablers, such as artificial intelligence, IIoT, cooperative robotics, adaptive control, artificial vision, and in general, a data-driven approach to additive manufacturing and joining technologies, with an in-depth knowledge of materials, extensive research experience, and a detailed knowledge of joining and additive manufacturing processes; i.e., a sum of ‘intelligences’.

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Organization chart

  • Juan Ángel García.

  • President of Lortek.
  • Jaione Ganzarain PhD.

  • General Manager.
  • César Pérez PhD.

  • Technological Director.
  • Sandra Talacchia PhD.

  • Process and Digitization Area Manager.
  • Mari Mar Petite PhD.

  • Technological Services Area Manager.
  • Maitane Ipiñazar.

  • Sales and Marketing Manager.
  • Josune Sarasola.

  • Financial Manager.
  • Nora Hacine-Bacha.

  • Organizational Development and People Manager.
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At Lortek, we are looking for people who feel passion for what they do, people who challenge themselves in their professional development, and who like applied, practical research.

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3D diseinua abiapuntutzat hartu eta inolako molderik gabe eraikitzen ditu piezak fabrikazio gehigarriak. Material gero eta harrigarriagoekin, gainera. Horrela, 3D inpresioak, ingeniaritzaren ohiko diseinu eta pieza zurrunekin hautsi, eta pentsamolde berriak ekarri ditu ekoizpen industrialetara. Disenu-askatasun osoaz hitz egiten dute adituek, eta ingeniaritzan poliki-poliki ezartzen ari dela nabarmendu dute BRTAko ikertzaileek.



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