Research groups

Joining Technologies

In our research, we incorporate advanced technologies and new developments to improve current joining and repair processes, and efficiently develop the products of the future by providing answers to the current challenges (lighter materials, sustainability, zero defects or digitalisation) faced by industrial sectors such as transport, energy, infrastructure or capital equipment, and by society.

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Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Thanks to our detailed knowledge of manufacturing processes, metallurgy and metallic materials, we design products and systems, and research into advanced additive manufacturing and component repair processes, using state-of-the-art software and hardware and integrating digitalisation technologies. We develop solutions throughout the entire value chain, focusing on the needs arising from energy and digital transitions.

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Digitalisation Technologies

We research into enabling technologies for digital transformation and their implementation in industrial manufacturing processes. We develop high value-added digital solutions based on control and robotics, computer vision, data analysis, AI and digital platforms. We are at the forefront of knowledge of these technologies. We collaborate with industrial companies to integrate these advanced solutions which will offer our customers greater flexibility, increased productivity, energy and resource efficiency, while improving their competitiveness.

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Technological Solutions

Bringing together innovation, knowledge and commitment to the technological development of the industry.

Projects and success stories

We obtain and develop knowledge and capabilities for application to practical, real-world challenges with the help of technology. Thanks to this, we develop new products, processes or services. We improve the efficiency of production plants and provide access to disruptive technology.


At LORTEK, we are looking for professionals who find satisfaction in challenging their own limits in the workplace, who have a real passion for their work and who enjoy applied research in a practical way. We have a dynamic team of over 90 people who work tirelessly every day to bring significant value to the industry and society at large. We offer you the opportunity to grow with us, constantly facing the challenges posed by our clients. If you are interested in joining our team, please do not hesitate to contact us.



LORTEK y GARMO Instruments consolidan su colaboración en BIEMH 2024

En la última edición de la feria internacional BIEMH 2024, Lortek y Garmo Instruments presentaron su apuesta conjunta con una demos...

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LORTEK sube de nivel las estructuras mecano-soldadas

El centro tecnológico LORTEK colabora con Ibarmia en un proyecto para mejorar los procesos de fabricación de bancadas para cen...

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LORTEK e Hijos de Juan de Garay refuerzan su relación sellando un acuerdo de colaboración de futuro

Las líneas de actuación que se han recogido en este acuerdo son la realización de investigación conjunta y proyectos de I+...

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