We research into enabling technologies for digital transformation and their implementation in industrial manufacturing processes. We develop high value-added digital solutions based on control and robotics, computer vision, data analysis, AI and digital platforms. We are at the forefront of knowledge of these technologies. We collaborate with industrial companies to integrate these advanced solutions which will offer our customers greater flexibility, increased productivity, energy and resource efficiency, while improving their competitiveness.

Data analysis

We innovate advanced data analysis projects and solutions to address business challenges.

Control and Robotics

We are experts in smart control systems for manufacturing and inspection machines and cells, and we equip them with advanced digital solutions.

Computer vision

We offer complete industrial solutions to complex inspection and monitoring problems using state-of-the-art technologies, with cutting-edge research in thermography, 2D and 3D imaging and advanced optical sensors.

Digital platforms

We design and develop customised, cyber-safe, flexible and scalable digital platforms for industrial clients.


We obtain and develop knowledge and capabilities for application to practical, real-world challenges with the help of technology.

Advanced Equipment

Advanced manufacturing processes are based on the combination of digital enablers such as data analysis and AI, control and robotics, sensor technology, IIoT and industrial automation, computer vision technologies or industrial platforms, HMI and ICTs: This is why at LORTEK we have advanced hardware and software and technological infrastructures to promote the development of R&D projects and their transfer to industry.