Welding Quality


Welding is a special process used in many sectors but if it is not carried out correctly, it may cause significant delays and economic costs.

What for?

To achieve quality welding, a range of appropriate requirements must be technically defined from the initial design phase.


We offer to accompany you through the different phases where early and timely actions can save you time and costs, ensuring the quality that you need. We help you guarantee optimal results by acting before, during and after the process.


for accreditations and certifications in welding quality standards.


of non-destructive testing in visual inspection, dye penetrant, magnetic particle inspection and ultrasonic testing. Test lab certified by ENAC ISO/IEC 17025.


of welding procedures, welders and operators (UNE, ASME).


of quality systems and welding processes.


welding coordination (ISO 14731).


of inspection procedures.


in the welding process.

Testing and analysis
of materials

LORTEK has a test laboratory certified according to UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard with the scope of accreditation No. 452/LE1048 published by ENAC where you can see the test methods covered by the accreditation.

We cover most of the tests required to characterise both metallic materials and welded joints evaluated in welding approval or material quality control processes.
We offer you the expertise of our technical staff with extensive experience in the field of materials.
We support you in the assessment of all phases of the metal Additive Manufacturing process.