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At Lortek, we are looking for people who challenge themselves in their professional development; people who feel passion for what they do and like applied, practical research. We have a team of more than 90 people whose every-day objective is to provide value to both the industry sector and our society. We offer you the opportunity to grow together, permanently observing our customers’ challenges. If you want to be part of our team, do not hesitate to write to us; we would be delighted to learn about your value proposal.


Do you know the stories of Eider Gorostegui, Oier Zubiri and Ane Miren Mancisidor? Three professionals who, through their personal stories, narrate what their day-to-day is like at Lortek, what their goals are, and how they are transforming the future.

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Ane Miren Mancisidor

  • Senior researcher
  • Additive Manufacturing Area at LORTEK

I hold a PhD in Materials Science from the University of Navarra. During my thesis, I acquired considerable experience in powder metallurgy processes. I have been working at Lortek as senior researcher in the additive manufacturing group since 2014, which has given me an extensive experience in research. I coordinate and participate in European and national projects to develop innovative products with functionalities that can provide companies and society with an added value. I am the author of several scientific publications in relevant journals, and I participate in international conferences and seminars related to additive manufacturing and powder metallurgy.

Eider Gorostegui

  • Main researcher
  • Thermography Area at LORTEK

I started to work at Lortek almost 6 years ago in the field of finite element simulation. I have felt very comfortable from the start, and with the permanent feeling of having a support team, which is very important for me.
After three years I was given the chance to change fields completely, with the personal challenge that this represents. More specifically, I went to work in the field of thermography applied to non-destructive testing. I started this project in a laboratory, and we have progressively developed the technology, increasing our capabilities, which has enabled me to grow as a researcher.

Oier Zubiri

  • Researcher
  • Joining Technologies Area at LORTEK

I have a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, specialized in Materials and Processes from Mondragon Unibertsitatea. I have been working as a researcher in the Advanced Joining Processes Area of LORTEK since 2015. I have considerable experience in the development of these technologies, focusing on the development of process parameters, properties of welded joints – both metal and of dissimilar materials -, metallurgy and monitoring of the different joining process data. Moreover, I have increased my knowledge in the field of structural integrity of materials, studying, in particular, their fatigue properties, and developing simulation models based on experimental tests. This expertise means that I can participate in regional, national, and European projects.

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