In our research, we incorporate advanced technologies and new developments to improve current joining and repair processes, and efficiently develop the products of the future by providing answers to the current challenges (lighter materials, sustainability, zero defects or digitalisation) faced by industrial sectors such as transport, energy, infrastructure or capital equipment, and by society.


We collaborate in the development, evolution and manufacture of new components, weldability of materials and technological support for industrialisation.


We have the best experts, infrastructure and technology partners to maximise the use of friction technology in Friction Stir Welding (FSW) and Rotary Friction Welding manufacturing processes.


We offer our expertise and experience in arc welded joints with advanced knowledge of metallurgical and safety regulations.


We design, improve and optimise manufacturing processes and products by applying advanced simulation and computational methods to develop multi-physics simulations, digital twins and hybrid data.


We research into the performance and characterisation of materials and joints during manufacturing and service life in standard and extreme conditions.

Projects and success stories

We obtain and develop knowledge and capabilities for application to practical, real-world challenges with the help of technology.

Advanced Equipment

We offer companies our cutting-edge scientific-technological infrastructure to carry out all kinds of industrial research projects and experimental performance of automated joining and inspection processes, with a special focus on collection and exploitation of process data: