Committed to people and the environment. Involved in our environment, culture and identity.

Commitment to equality

With the aim of achieving effective equality between women and men, at LORTEK we have ratified our actual and express commitment. We are taking steps and implementing practical action plans to achieve this.

Corporate Compliance

Within the framework of our corporate culture for responsible management of the centre, we publish our Compliance Policy, which includes our commitment to current legislation with special reference to criminal law, for all those who are part of Lortek S.Coop.

First Lego League

At LORTEK we are involved in preparing our young people for a digital future that will have a positive impact on our society. Thus, we actively support initiatives such as FIRST LEGO League Euskadi, a programme where young participants aged 6 to 16 explore scientific and technological challenges, through teamwork, innovation and inclusion.


Taking up the baton designed in 1980 by the sculptor Remigio Mendiburu, we joined the race Korrika to support and promote Basque language teaching and usage. Together we share a path of cultural engagement and collective participation, which strengthens our identity and promotes linguistic diversity.

Gipuzkoa Association of Blood Donors

In Gipuzkoa there are around 20,000 donors, but we want many more. Aware of the challenge of guaranteeing an adequate blood supply, a product with a very short life and shelf life, LORTEK collaborates with the Gipuzkoa Association of Blood Donors to raise awareness and boost participation with the common goal of saving lives.


Katxalin, the Gipuzkoa Association of Women Affected by Breast and Gynaecological Cancer, offers comprehensive services such as social care, volunteering, physiotherapy specialised in lymphatic drainage, and one-to-one and group psychological care to help sufferers adapt to the disease. At LORTEK, we would like to highlight the invaluable social work carried out by this group of more than 700 brave women.

Beasain Red Cross

We share the Red Cross commitment to fundamental principles such as humanity, protect life and health and ensure respect for diversity.


We celebrate the efforts made by Atzegi, working every day in favour of people with intellectual disabilities, promoting social cohesion and collaborating with public and private institutions in Gipuzkoa.


Gureak creates and manages stable and suitably-adapted job opportunities for people with disabilities in Gipuzkoa, and in particular for those with intellectual disabilities, facilitating their integration into the productive fabric and society.


We support the work carried out by Aspanegi in Gipuzkoa to improve the quality of life of children with cancer and their families.


The association of families of people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) provides support and opportunities for a full and happy life in a society that favours inclusion.

Gipuzkoa Food Bank

We do our bit to highlight the work carried out by volunteers at Gipuzkoa Food Bank, who work to bridge social gaps and fight against food wastage in the province.